Sankofa - Feature FIlm

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Earth is uninhabited by man. Most died, a few left for Titan, a moon of Saturn. With them they took the remnants of humanity, what was left of it anyway. But due to an accident, the ships were damaged, and the remnants lost. They arrived on Titan without their history and soon began to lose their memory. Sankofa is a film about the woman they asked to find it.

Along the way a crate is discovered from Earth that contains the possessions of a filmmaker, including a documentary about Yugoslav war memorials, his past and what it means to live in the present moment. As Sally inspects these films she begins to question her mission. Sankofa is a film about history, memory and the recorded moment. It asks the question; why someone would choose to live their life behind a camera? What do we gain from documenting our experiences and what do we lose?

Director / DOP / Editor / Colorist